Daystar Tie Rod and Ball Joint Boots

daystar universal dust boots

Daystar Universal Polyurethane Dust Boots can replace the original rubber boots and provide lifetime protection for your Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints by keeping grease in and debris out of your articulating joints.

All you need to do is measure your ball joint or tie rod end according to the diagram on this page and purchase the boot that fits your needs. We have the boot's dimensions listed below in inches and millimeters to make finding the correct dust boot easy. Also, be aware that you want to go with the boot set that is just a hair smaller than what you measure to insure a tight fit on your tie rod ends or your ball joints. These poly dust boots from Daystar will far outlast the original rubber boots so give them a try.

universal dust boot measurements
Image Part Number Pin Opening Diameter Base Diameter Height
universal dust boot kit - ku13001bk KU13001BK 19/32 Inch (15.08mm) 1 3/8 Inches (34.92mm) Coming Soon!
universal dust boot kit - ku13001bk KU13019BK 21/32 Inch (16.67mm) 1 5/8 Inches (41.27mm) Coming Soon!
universal dust boot kit - ku13025bk KU13025BK 41/64 Inch (16.27mm) 1 5/8 Inches (41.27mm) (29.54mm)