Universal Cam Cans

Daystar Universal Cam Cans add storage options for your Jeep, FJ Cruiser, or other vehicles by mounting to the spare tire and making room for tools, water, or other chemicals.

Jeep's just don't have a lot of storage. If you're planning on an extended trip even spartan packing methods can only get you so far, but Daystar has developed a simple way to add storage right over the spare tire (and it doesn't look half bad either). See more information on Daystar's Cam Cans here.

Daystar's Cam Cans will attach to the back of your Jeep and Fj Cruiser or mount on any flat surface of a vehicle. Different styles of Cam Cans will hold two gallons of water, oil, or coolent or the equivilent in dry goods like tools, first aid, or towing equipment. You can even stack two Cam Cans and get twice as much storage! Don't leave behind the things that you might need anymore, because odds are you will need it once it's safely stored in the garage.

Image Part Number Description Part Type
Daystar Cam Can orange KJ71035OR Orange (TrailBox) Complete Cam Can Kit
kj71035rb KJ71035RB Grey/Blue (potable water) Complete Cam Can Kit
kj71035gn KJ71035GN Green (other fluids/non fuels) Complete Cam Can Kit
kj71035bk KJ71035BK Black (other fluids/non fuels) Complete Cam Can Kit
ku71114or KU7114OR Orange (TrailBox) Cam Can Only
ku71131bk KU71131BK Black (Trailbox) Cam Can Only
ku71131bg KU71131BG Bright Green (Trailbox) Cam Can Only
ku71131tn KU71131TN Tan (Trailbox) Cam Can Only
ku71114rb KU71114RB Grey/Blue (potable water) Cam Can Only
ku71114gn KU71114GN Green (other fluids/non fuels) Cam Can Only
ku71114bk KU71114BK Green (other fluids/non fuels) Cam Can Only
ku71115 KU71115 Single Plate Mounting Kit Mounting Kit
ku71116 KU71116 Double Cam Can Mounting Kit Mounting Kit
ku71118 KU71118 Universal Mounting Kit Mounting Kit
ku71117bk KU71117BK Retaining Kit Retainer Kit
ku76148ag KU76148AG Orange (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148bk KU76148BK Black (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148fa KU76148FA Fluorescent Orange (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148fg KU76148FG Fluorescent Green (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148fp KU76148FP Fluorescent Pink (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148nl KU76148NL Natural Brown (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148pr KU76148PR Purple (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148rb KU76148RB Blue (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148re KU76148RE Red (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
ku76148yl KU76148YL Yellow (Replacement Cams) Replacement Kit
kj71033 KJ71033 Jeep Mounting Studs Mounting Studs
kt71000 KT71000 Toyota Mounting Studs Mounting Studs

Jeep Storage Solution

Daystar's Cam Cans are the aftermarket answer to the Jeep's lack of storage space. Each Cam Can is designed to carry different materials and each can is color-coded so you can easily tell them apart. The Black and Green Cam Cans are listed to carry up to two gallons of non-flammable liquids and are not intended for carrying drinking water. If you're looking for a safe way to transport water the grey Cam Can is BPA free and as such is designed for carrying potable water. Finally the Orange Cam Can is the trail-box, just throw whatever you need inside, tie down the strap, and you're ready to go. DST offers all members of the Cam Can Fam.

Daystar Cam Cans

Daystar Cam Cans

How much Liquid are we Talking?

All of the liquid containers are listed to fit up to two gallons of fluid. We tested this limit and found that it was closer to 1.8 gallons. The liquid Cam Cans also come with a small spout. Just place the spout over the top, screw the cap back on, and you're ready to pour. Note that none of Daystar's Cam Cans are certified to hold fuel or flammable liquids of any kind.

How big is the Trail Box?

The various Cam Cans all share the same overall shape and size, but how does a "2-gallon limit" translate into something more solid? To give you a point of reference, we managed to snugly fit 70 golf balls into the trail-box. That's plenty of space to store the things you need to take with you on your next off-road adventure.

Daystar Cam Cans

Daystar Cam Cans

Heat and Shock Resistant

Made of a plastic that is resistant to both heat and pressure, these containers have been tested to easily withstand temperatures exceeding 140 degrees Fahrenheit and shrug off impacts of over 230 Joules focused into areas as small as 6mm. So if you're looking for something as rugged as your Jeep to carry your supplies in, these can definitely handle that task.

Mounts to your Spare Tire

The Cam Cans are designed to mount to your spare tire studs, Daystar's kits come with a container and everything you need to get it mounted. Daystar also has the extended aluminum center pole you add to the mounting hardware and allows you to stack two Cam Cans in case you need more space. Each of Daystar's Cam Cans are capable of securely locking to either the mounting plate or another Cam Can.

Daystar Cam Cans

Daystar Cam Cans

Lifetime Warranty

If you have any questions regarding the installation process check out our How-To Install Cam Cans blog post. Easy to install and out of the way, who wouldn't want to add the sturdy storage you need? Backed up with Daystar's usual lifetime