kf02025bk | Front Frame Shackle Bushings-2 in | Ford F350 1980-1998

  • kf02025bk Front Frame Shackle Bushings - 2 Inch

Front Frame Shackle Bushings - 2 Inch

Manufacturer: Daystar
Part Number: kf02025bk
Price: $19.99

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FitmentFront Frame Shackle Bushings - 2 Inch kf02025bk fits these vehicles:

kf02025bk | Front Frame Shackle Bushings-2 in | Ford F350 1980-1998

(2 Inch I.D. Spring)

Daystar Leaf Spring and Shackle Bushings

O.E. leaf spring and shackles utilize a soft rubber bushing to mount the spring to the frame. The rubber is great for reducing the noise and vibrations from being transferred into the cab. Unfortunately, rubber bushings have a short lifespan. Once the rubber fails, due to wear and tear or road grime, a leaf spring's effectiveness is severely reduced. Meaning you will experience a very bumpy ride, the vehicle's ability to carry a load or tow is hindered greatly and you'll experience a loss of control.

Daystar's leaf spring and shackle bushings are made of high-quality polyurethane. Resistant to wear and UV rays, polyurethane is a much better-suited material for leaf spring bushings than rubber. Help your vehicle's load carrying capacity and towing ability with Daystar's polyurethane leaf spring and shackle bushings.

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