kf09130bk | Front Leveling Kit - 2 in | F150 Raptor 17-18 | Daystar

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  • kf09130bk Leveling Kit - Ford F150 Raptor - 2 Inch
  • kf09130bk Leveling Kit - Ford F150 Raptor - 2 Inch
  • kf09130bk Leveling Kit - Ford F150 Raptor - 2 Inch
  • kf09130bk Leveling Kit - Ford F150 Raptor - 2 Inch
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Leveling Kit - Ford F150 Raptor - 2 Inch

Manufacturer: Daystar
Part Number: kf09130bk
Price: $141.00

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    The Daystar GoEverywhere Lifetime Limited Warranty means Daystar stands behind their product 100% and if you have a problem with any of their products we will replace it, free of charge, but we doubt that's going to happen.

    Since Daystar experienced less than 1.5% warranty claims in 2016 it's extremely rare that we encounter a customer who needs to replace a part. If you do manage to find a defective Daystar part, send us some pictures and we will ship you a new part.

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FitmentLeveling Kit - Ford F150 Raptor - 2 Inch kf09130bk fits these vehicles:

kf09130bk | Front Leveling Kit - 2 in | F150 Raptor 17-18 | Daystar

Ford Raptor Leveling Kit

Daystar's Complete leveling kit raises the front of your 2017-2018 Ford Raptor 2-inches, while maintaing it's ride quality. Additionally this kit offers more ground clearance, and the ability to run larger tires, all while reducing Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH). With an easy install design you can level out your Raptor Friday and show it off on Washington St. on Saturday.

ford f150 raptor leveling kit
raptor leveling kit

Easy Instal & Quality Parts

Made in the USA this leveling kit will not only leave your Raptor with an improved ride but also with no metal on metal contact, which will help reduce NVH. You can put your welder away because Daystar's leveling kit not only has a quick and easy install time but there is no welding or excessive tools list required.

Daystar's leveling kit will give you enough room under the cab for up to 35" tires. This kit will not only make your Raptor the talk of the town but it will give you higher ground clearance. These kits also provide unbeatable ride quality, comfort and excellent articulation on the trails.

Optimal Benefit

Leveling Kits are designed reverse the raked stance of your truck, this just means that the front of your truck sits lower than the rear. This comes in handy while towing or hauling heavy loads because it prevents bottoming out. This is all fine and dandy until you decide to need bigger tires for taking on tougher terrain or more ground clearance or even if you want a front winch. A leveling kit will solve all of these problems without breaking the bank, or altering your Fords OE.

A popular form of lifting is to combined body lift kits and leveling kits for Optimal Benefits with minimal costs and negative effects on your truck. This will give you the option to install even larger tires while keeping your center of gravity lower than just a lift kit and will give you the benefit of a suspension lift without the cost.

leveling kit ford raptor
ford raptor leveling kit

Covered For Life

Whether you're looking to upgrade your tires for more traction and ground clearance or you just want that beefier tough look out on the road, Daystar's 2-inch leveling kit are what your Raptor needs.

Here at DST we offer Fast and Free Shipping on all orders over $99 and we handle all of Daystar's Lifetime Warranties in-house. Questions? No problem just give our expert customer service team a call, or you can send them a live chat right here on the screen.

question_answer Customer Questions and Answers

Will I need to get an alignment check if I install the kf09130bk leveling kit?
With the kf09130bk you will want to get an alignment check after installing on your raptor.