pa742 | Ford Ranger 2 Inch Body Lift | 1983-1988

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  • pa742 Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch
  • pa742 Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch
  • pa742 Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch
  • pa742 Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch
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Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch

Manufacturer: Performance Accessories
Part Number: pa742

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I have an Automatic Transmission
I have a Manual Transmission - PA3700 (+$44.99)

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Accept Terms (5-8 weeks)
Price: $175.25

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pa742 | Ford Ranger 2 Inch Body Lift | 1983-1988

This complete 2-inch body lift kit raises the ride height of your 1983-1988 Ford Ranger without altering the OEM suspension geometry, like some alternative lift kits. Your Ford Ranger deserves the best and this body lift kit will allow you to give it that nice lift without breaking the bank and leave you room in your budget for some larger tires to help with ground clearance. Not only will this lift kit save you money, but it will also help prevent premature wear on some of your Ranger's suspension, and with a quick installation time, you can be lifted and back on the road in no time.

*For Ford Rangers with manual transmissions, a separate shift extension is required to complete the body lift kit.

ford ranger body lift

Benefits of Body Lifts

Made in the USA this 2" body lift kit comes complete with fiberglass reinforced nylon body blocks, which maintains that smooth and quiet ride just like its hot off the lot. This body lift will not alter the OEM suspension geometry of your Ford Ranger, like shocks, brakes or anything that came on your truck from the factory. This means that you can keep your stock tires or embrace our southern culture and upgrade those puppies to a set of 31-inch tires.

Install time should only take you between 5-6 hours, which means you can lift your Ranger and then take it up to Northwest OHV Park to test it out.

Body Lift Vs Suspension Lift

Body lifts raise your ride height which will allow bigger diameter tires offering a higher ground clearance without altering the OEM of your Ford Ranger. Suspension lifts offer higher ground clearance, but they alter the original suspension geometry of the vehicle and could create premature wear and tear on other suspension components. So not only would you have to buy replacement parts/extensions for the altered OEM, but you could also have to replace parts such as your ball joints long before their time should be up.

A body lift kit will also allow you to keep your Ranger at a lower center of gravity compared to a suspension lift kit. A higher center of gravity can cause a higher chance of body roll and loss of traction while turning.

2 inch body lift kit ford ranger
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Why Should You Buy From Us?

Whether you're looking for a simple body lift to do on the weekend or you're wanting to do a tire upgrade to impress all the guys at work, we've got you covered with this Ford Ranger 2 inch body lift kit. offers free shipping on all orders over $99. Here at we not only handle all of Daystar's Lifetime Warranties in house, but we personally stand behind our parts. We want you and your Ranger back on the road as quickly and easily as possible, that's why we have an expert customer service team available to call or live chat, with any questions you may have.