pa803 | 3 Inch Body Lift Kit | 72-82 International Scout II 4WD

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  • pa803 Body Lift Kit - 3 Inch
  • pa803 Body Lift Kit - 3 Inch
  • pa803 Body Lift Kit - 3 Inch
  • pa803 Body Lift Kit - 3 Inch
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Body Lift Kit - 3 Inch

Manufacturer: Performance Accessories
Part Number: pa803

Accept Terms (10-12 weeks)
Price: $162.80

  • Lifetime Warranty - All of Performance Accessories Parts are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. They note that: It is unlikely that you will experience a problem with a Performance Accessories product, but if you do, we will replace the part free of charge.

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FitmentBody Lift Kit - 3 Inch pa803 fits these vehicles:

pa803 | 3 Inch Body Lift Kit | 72-82 International Scout II 4WD

3 Inch Body Lift Kit '72-82 International Scout II 4WD

If you're looking for taller ride height on a 1972-1982 Scout II then Performance Accessories' 3" Body Lift Kit is a great option. This kit allows the installation of up to 33" tires and will raise the body without changing factory suspension geometry, costing you a fraction of the price of a comparable full suspension lift.

Whether you're upgrading to bigger tires or just want that taller look for your International Scout II this body lift kit will get you the height you need. If ground clearance is what you're after you might consider a full suspension lift, but those do have some drawbacks.

72-82 international scout 2 body lift kit
international scout 2 body lift kit 3 inch

Body Lift VS Suspension Lift

For one, a body lift will run you a fraction of the cost of a full suspension lift, which means a body lift will leave you with more cash for your bigger tires and wheels. Second, a suspension lift will change your alignment angles from the factory settings while this body lift leaves your suspension geometry alone.

The body lift itself will only slightly raise the center of gravity of your Scout II, keeping the lateral load transfer at the factory level. This just means you will experience about the same amount of body roll with the body lift installed as you did before. With a full suspension lift your Scout II is going to handle turns differently than it did before the lift, plus, your other suspension components will experience excessive wear which could require premature replacements.

Cost Effective Lift Kit Option

With this 3" body lift kit you can put the money you would have spent on a full suspension lift toward those 33-inch tires which will give you more ground clearance. You can achieve this and keep the factory suspension settings much closer to the levels at which they were designed. This kit is also covered by a GoEverywhere Lifetime Warranty that will handle for you in-house.

If you're wanting bigger tires and more ground clearance to take your Scout II a little further up the trail to that perfect camping spot, or you just want to turn heads when you rumble into The Hard Eight in Stephenville, TX for a BBQ sandwich, this 3" body lift kit is a great option that is more cost effective and will keep your Scout II's suspension closer to factory specs and working like it should.

3 inch body lift kit scout 2