pa812 | Ford Ranger Body Lift | 2 Inch | 1993-1994

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  • pa812 Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch
  • pa812 Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch
  • pa812 Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch
  • pa812 Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch
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Body Lift Kit - 2 Inch

Manufacturer: Performance Accessories
Part Number: pa812

Transmission Type: (?)
I have an Automatic Transmission
I have a Manual Transmission - PA3700 (+$44.99)
Price: $245.00

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  • Lifetime Warranty - All of Performance Accessories Parts are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. They note that: It is unlikely that you will experience a problem with a Performance Accessories product, but if you do, we will replace the part free of charge.
FitmentBody Lift Kit - 2 Inch pa812 fits these vehicles:

pa812 | Ford Ranger Body Lift | 2 Inch | 1993-1994

Ford Ranger Body Lift 2 Inch 1993-1994

This complete 2 inch body lift kit fits all Ford Ranger models from '93-'94 and does not alter the OE suspension of your vehicle like a more expensive full suspension lift. If you want room for larger tires for off-roading, or a way to make your truck look taller, even with stock tires, this body lift will get you there. Not only is this kit cheaper, it also prevents premature wear and tear on your suspension components. With a quick installation time of six hours, you could install your kit in one day and get back on the road fast.

*For Ford Rangers with manual transmissions, a separate shift extension is required to complete the body lift kit.

ford ranger body lift kit 2 inches
2 inch body lift blocks ford ranger

Body Lift Benefits

Depending on your budget, this Ford Ranger 2 inch body lift provides a cost-effective method for raising the ride height of your truck without breaking the bank. Unlike other lifting methods, a body lift kit raises the body of your truck off of the frame without needing extensive modifications.

Made in the USA, this kit comes complete with high strength hardware, and fiberglass reinforced nylon blocks giving you a quieter ride than an aluminum alternative. After installation, your Ford Ranger will have 2" of increased ride height, even with stock tires and no alterations to the OE suspension. While the body lift will not increase the ground clearance of your Ranger, it allows for tires of up to 31 inches in diameter that do.

Body Lift Vs Suspension Lift

Performance Accessories' body lift kit raises the ride height of your Ranger by 2" while minimizing the change in the center of gravity, driveshaft angles, and steering geometry. When your Ranger's center of gravity is raised by a suspension lift, your truck can experience body roll during a turn which can lead to a loss of traction or other handling issues. The change in suspension geometry can also result in premature wear in other suspension components like ball joints or even your tires.

Along with costing more than a body lift, a suspension lift may require additional modification to the shocks, brake lines, etc., adding costs to a more expensive lifting alternative. If you're working off of a budget this body lift kit gives you the height you want for a lower price, leaving you money for larger tires, later.

ford ranger 2 inch body lift hardware
ford ranger body lift steering extension

Why Buy From Us?

If you're looking for a low cost method for raising your ride height without altering the handling of your Ranger, this body lift kit is a great product, backed by Daystar's Lifetime Warranty handled by in house. Give our experienced customer service team a call or chat with us live.