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Front Sway Bar Bushings -29.46mm (1.160 inch) Inner Diameter
Part Number: kj05014bk
Manufacturer: Daystar

The inner diameter is 1.160"

Special-Order-Terms: (?)
Accept Terms (10-12 weeks)
Front and Rear Suspension Lift - 2 1/2 Inch
Part Number: kj09116bk
Manufacturer: Daystar

Front & Rear (Includes Front Upper Strut & 4 Spacers). Does not fit Diesel models.

Front and Rear Suspension Lift
Part Number: kj09123bk
Manufacturer: Daystar

Fits 2002-2007 Diesel Models And the 2002 Gas Models. 1-1/2 Inch Front Spacers and 2 Inch Rear Coil Spacer Kit

Front Leveling Kit - 2 1/2 Inch
Part Number: kj09117bk
Manufacturer: Daystar

Front Only (Includes Upper Strut Plates and 2 Spacers). Does not fit the 2002 Gas Models. The 2002 Gas model is 1 inch taller than the 2003-2007 Liberty. Adding 2.5 inch to the 2002 would be like adding 3.5 inches to the 2003-2007 model - taking it outside of OE spec.

Rear Leveling Kit - 2 Inch
Part Number: kj09118bk
Manufacturer: Daystar

Rear Only (2 Per Set)

Special-Order-Terms: (?)
Accept Terms (10-12 weeks)
Front Leveling Kit - 1 1/2 Inch
Part Number: kj09119bk
Manufacturer: Daystar

Front Only (1 Pair of Spacers)


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