Daystar Shock Boots

daystar shock boots

Daystar Shock Boots are made of durable polyurethane and protect the shock arm from debris flying around under your vehicle as well as keeping moisture and dirt from making their way into your shocks.

Your shocks are cushioning your vehicle with every bump and jolt that you experience and keeping dirt, debris and water from making their way inside will keep those shocks working better and longer. Rubber boots are more susceptible to wear and the elements than polyurethane so if your shock boots are torn up or worn out then replacing them with Daystar Polyurethane Boots will add a layer of protection against the elements and keep your shocks safe.

Image Part Number Description Fitment
ku20001 shock boot KU20001 Single shock boot with one zip tie Full Size Shock Boots
ku20002 shock boot KU20002 Two shock boots with two zip ties Full Size Shock Boots