graham and tiffany

"I dont know if there's a way that we can glorify God through selling Suspension Parts,
but we're sure gonna try."

Graham and Tiffany Slaughter

Owners @

In early 2003 our founder was a young broke college graduate looking for a bushing to repair the control arm on his Honda del Sol. He had such a difficult time finding one for his car that he made a website where people could find and buy aftermarket suspension parts for their vehicles that would fit. Thus, DST (Del Sol Tuning) was born in a garage in Burleson, Texas and today ships parts all over the world and provides top notch service for our customers - that is the DST Difference.

Through all of this the desire to treat people in a Christ-like manner has been the guiding star, and if you catch us doing anything less please call us out on it. We believe God has blessed our business over the years and we want to treat people in a way that reflects our appreciation. In the end our interactions with people are more important than the parts we sell, so we want to make 'em good.

The DST Difference

A Better Way to Shop for Suspension Parts

Mechanic trained

We're just regular folks (except Edwin) so we can relate to people who have never rebuilt their front suspension, but we do our homework. Our resident ASE certified mechanic, Edwin, has been in the shop and the classroom teaching mechanics since 1979 and he takes us to school every Friday to explain all things suspension.


We KNOW the brands

We have selected the brands we sell because we have found them to be exceptional and we have had a good relationship with most of them for decades. We talk with the tech gurus at these brands every day and we let them know what our customers are saying about their parts.


We have our own warehouse

We keep a lot of stock on-hand so we can make SURE that when we say a part will be shipped today often times WE are the ones boxing it up. If our customers have a specific question about a part that our website might not answer our customer service reps can pull it from our warehouse and look at it that day.

The Masterminds
DST Team Tiffany
Tiffany Slaughter
She Pays People

"Fierce mama bear of 4 girls, Tiffany handles HR and reassures Graham on a weekly basis that the business hasn't run out of money."

DST Team David
David Sears
Warehouse Manager

"David is a frugal gentleman of refined taste and connoisseur of hotdogs. He keeps tabs on every part we have and finds places for the 18 wheelers full of parts we keep sending him."

DST Team Brit
Brit Hull
Customer Service Manager

"Dresses professionally. Hasn't spent a lot of time in jail ... that we know about anyway. Possibly Captain America, but he can't throw a frisbee very well so we're not convinced."

DST Team Graham
Graham Slaughter
Peach Farmer / Web Designer

"Self proclaimed web-designer. Just holds the job because we haven't found anybody better ... yet. Married to the lady that pays paychecks ... there might be something goin' on there."

DST Team Chelsea
Chelsea Baker
Data Manager

"Organizes stuff. A LOT of stuff. Cant keep a straight face for 2 seconds without busting into a smile. Studied math ... we're scared of her brain."

Customer Service
DST Team Amanda W
Order Processing

"Processes all orders, allowing everyone to get their stuff quickly. If you have questions about anything Firefly, Kung Fu Panda, or Chris Evans, Amanda is who to go to. Also, she knows everything about every movie ever made – IMDB is jealous!"

DST Team Edwin
Customer Service

"Old School Cool. Edwin is the guy you EXPECT to talk to when you call somebody about auto parts. He's got decades of experience in auto parts and the knowledge and education to backup it up. Of course the fact that he drives a Classic Mustang sure doesn't hurt either."

DST Team Tammy
Customer Service

"Always has a smile on her face, but don’t let that smile fool you – she is a HUGE fan of the Minions. Bob is her favorite, but really, she is just up for being mischievous – just don’t take her teddy bear."

DST Team Jessica
Customer Service

"Jessica has a bubbly personality and enjoys working with people. If given the opportunity, she would move her desk outside. She loves animals, which explains why she gets along with the rest of us so well! Her favorite car is a blue 76 El Dorado Convertible. Elvis Presley would be jealous!"

DST Team Jamie
Customer Service

"Drives a Jeep, loves Jesus, and is always up for the odd adventure with friends. Jamie also enjoys movies, antiquing, movies about antiquing..."

DST Team Emily
Customer Service

"Emily takes her coffee black and her oreos with peanut butter. She loves Marvel movies, sketching, tickling the ivorys, and finds a kindred spirit in Miss Frizzle."

DST Team Stuart
Customer Service

"Stuart describes his kids as the best sidekicks in the world. The Gordon Ramsey of the outdoors, Stuart enjoys camping, cooking, and playing the banjo. Queue Deliverance theme."

Warehouse Team
The Muscle.
DST Team Travis
Warehouse Crew

"Travis likes fishing with his son and video gaming. He also plinks varmints and has a confirmed hit on a mouse in the field outside the warehouse."

DST Team Stephen
Warehouse Crew

"Stephen is a jack of all trades whose knowledge of suspension parts competes for brainspace with his knowledge of Pokémon. He'll ship you the correct parts Monday morning and won't split the party Friday night."

DST Team Robert
Warehouse Crew

"Robert was in a garage since grade school, helping his family's business of doing anything and everything to vehicles. Now he's driving a 4x4 with a lift he installed, blaring country music on his way to Epidemiology classes."

Data Team
Those Who Dwell In The Data Dungeon
DST Team Krista
Data Team

"Has 2 kids who play sports, so she is used to chaos. Even with the craziness, she always has time to stop and help a customer in need."

DST Team Josh
Data Team

"Can be caught speaking to someone he cannot see. He moved to another country for 2 years because he says those people needed to know the invisible person. Josh insists this person is real and that someday we'll understand."

DST Team Krissy
Data Team

"An outdoor adventurer, Krissy likes camping, kayaking, and cross country road trips. Has a goal of visiting every state in the US, then every continent in the world, then colonizing Mars, then..."

DST Team Grant
Data Team

"Has a cryptic tattoo and metal rod in his leg. We don't know what it means but suspect he's part of some weird secret society."

Office Animals
They keep us sane(ish)
DST Team Sia
From 'Sweet Ball of Fur' to 'Freddy Kruger' in .05 seconds

"I'm in this box, holding this ball because I want to. Also, the Cubs won in 2016 because of me." - Sia

DST Team Ham'r
Ham'r H2
The Pig Favorite

"Graham saved me from the wild and gave me a cool name. I will love DST til the end of my days."

DST Team Rooster
Cocky son-of-a-gun.

"Lets face it, roosters are either a tool for making baby chicks or ... you eat them. He's one step away from the rotisserie if he attacks my kids again."

DST Team Ever
Barking Machine.

"Barks at everything EXCEPT the Mail Man. She even barks at the WIND. Interestingly, that annoyed look on her face is the same look we get when we take just about anyone else's picture too."

DST Team Turkey
The guard dog.

"Think's she is a guard dog. Recently took off with a male for some reason we don't know. We pray she returns to us, one day."

DST Team Colonel
Most beloved chicken.

"The Queen of all chickens. Survived against all odds, time and time again. Holds title for "most beloved chicken" at DST... Maybe even the whole world?"

DST Team Poop Dog
Poop Dog
Eats Poop

"Named after what she likes to eat. Very out of shape dog, unless food is involved."

DST Team The Peeps
The Peeps

"Part Rooster, part Colonel. You get the picture. All our hopes and dreams are wrapped up in these young lives ... or something like that."