Daystar GoEverywhere Warranty

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Daystar GoEverywhere Warranty

The title of Daystar's lifetime limited warranty begins with the phrase "GoEverywhere" and they are not afraid of their customers taking that challenge to heart. A family owned business since 1977, who still manufactures all of their parts in the USA, Daystar takes a great amount of pride in the products that they provide to their customers. Because of this the GoEverywhere limited lifetime warranty will replace any part that is found to be defective at no charge. The 'limited' in 'lifetime limited' means if Thor's Hammer falls out of the sky and leaves a crater where your vehicle used to be, Daystar isn't liable. Though you might crawl down in that crater to see if your lift kit survived. Seriously, go check it out. Send us pictures.

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Daystar has maintained an ISO 9001 certification year after year since 2000. In English this means that the entire company, from design to manufacture, and shipping to customer service, goes under a microscope and every year they come out sparkling. In 2016 they received less than 1.5% warranty claims, which translates to a lot of customers satisfied the first time they open a Daystar box. They love DIY projects and to make sure that everything is put together correctly they provide detailed instructions with the product and on their website. Customer service is also provided through the weekend to be sure that your ride isn’t still jacked up in your garage come Monday.

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It's easy to see why so many people are happy with their parts when you look at the rigorous testing that Daystar puts its parts and materials through. The special blend of urethane that they use in production of their parts is tested every morning in their on-site labs for any possible defective material before it goes to manufacturing.

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Daystar puts every one of their lift and leveling kit designs through demanding DoT tests (which they continually pass) to make sure that their customers can be sure that every Daystar part they purchase has been approved for safety. If tests conducted on a tarmac are not enough to convince you, there is a legend of a man who drives from Arizona to Alaska every summer in a '95 Dodge pickup, going through engines and transmissions left and right. For over 700K miles he has done this... all on the same Daystar body mounts.

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Bottom line: Daystar goes to great lengths to manufacture a product that they believe in and they back up with a terrific warranty. We can probably all agree that the best kind of warranty is one that you will never have to read and Daystar has done everything they can to make sure the only thing from them you'll want to read is the newest product catalog.