kj61018bk | Rear Lift Shackle 3/4 in Greaseable | Wrangler 76-86

  • kj61018bk Rear Lift Shackle -  3/4 Inch - Greasable

Rear Lift Shackle - 3/4 Inch - Greasable

Manufacturer: Daystar
Part Number: kj61018bk

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Accept Terms (10-12 weeks)
Price: $97.99

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    The Daystar GoEverywhere Lifetime Limited Warranty means Daystar stands behind their product 100% and if you have a problem with any of their products we will replace it, free of charge, but we doubt that's going to happen.

    Since Daystar experienced less than 1.5% warranty claims in 2016 it's extremely rare that we encounter a customer who needs to replace a part. If you do manage to find a defective Daystar part, send us some pictures and we will ship you a new part.

FitmentRear Lift Shackle - 3/4 Inch - Greasable kj61018bk fits these vehicles:

kj61018bk | Rear Lift Shackle 3/4 in Greaseable | Wrangler 76-86

  • 3/4 in. lift

Daystar's Extended Leaf Spring Shackles

When you lift your ride there are several changes you have to make to the rest of your suspension in order to compensate for the higher center of gravity. One of the most important changes will be to your leaf spring shackles. After lifting your vehicle, your OE shackles will actually keep your leaf springs from reaching their mounting point at the wheel. Luckily for you, Daystar makes extended leaf spring shackles for just this occasion. Designed to maintain your ride quality and comfort, Daystar's extended leaf spring shackles will keep your leaf springs attached to the frame while also allowing the leaf springs to mount at their original position. Plus, Daystar covers all of their products with a lifetime warranty handled in-house here at DST.

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